Sullivan Appointed to School Board

The Adairsville resident is expected to be sworn in at next week's Bartow County Board of Education meeting.

The Bartow County Board of Education at a on Monday night appointed a long-time Adairsville resident to finish out former board member Larry Parker’s unexpired term.

Anna Sullivan will hold the District 5 seat through the end of the year. Sullivan is a product of the and said she also put her four children through the local schools. She said even though this term is limited in time, she sees it as a way to give back to the community.

“I have been wonderfully impressed with the great teachers and the very good people that I’ve met who are both associated in the schools and with the school system,” Sullivan said. “I think that this would be a good way to work with the schools and put some of my experiences to work and to give that to the community.”

Board Chairman Davis Nelson said three people expressed interest in the position in writing, and that was whittled down to two finalists. The names of the other two candidates were not released Monday night.

“I sent those out and told the board members these are the three people,” Nelson said. “Are there people who for whatever reason you can’t support and how do you want to go about this process? There was not support there (for the third person). The board doesn’t even really have to ask. We could have just said we want Joe Smith and not ever ask the person.”

The four board members met two at a time with each of the finalists before they selected who to appoint.

“I told the board to talk among themselves and be prepared as to what way they wanted to go,” Nelson said.

Either person would have done a great job on the board, Nelson said.

“It was one of those decisions that somewhere you’ve got to make a decision,” he said. “Fortunately, either way it would have been a plus for Adairsville and the Bartow County School System.”

Sullivan is on the board’s agenda to be sworn in next Monday night, and her term will expire at the end of the year. If she wants to sit on the board beyond this year, she must qualify for and run in the July primary and, if elected, run in the November general election.

The board also voted at its called meeting to adopt a resolution encouraging a delegation to put in place local legislation regarding the newly-reapportioned districts. Reapportionment is required every 10 years, and attorney Boyd Pettit said the process ensures that the districts have as little deviation as possible. The proposed districts are within 5 percent of each other. The maps are available at the school system’s central office on Gilreath Road.


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