Tensions Escalate in Republican Primary: Patch Live Blog

Along with Patch's live coverage, a local high student provides an explanation and analysis of the Republican Primary in Florida.

It's Tuesday, Jan. 31 and an important day for Republicans across the country—Florida's primary day. 

This highly influential state would be a key victory for any of the GOP's candidates, as it holds one of the highest electoral vote counts, with 29 total votes. 

Who is the current leader in this important state, one might ask? As of yesterday, nearly every major poll conducted showed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in the lead, with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich trailing behind.  Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum is currently in third, with Congressmen Ron Paul not far behind. 

While Romney holds the lead for now, the chances of Gingrich potentially winning the Sunshine State aren't as farfetched as many Romney supporters would like to believe. 

Some polls have shown the chasm between the two candidates to be as high as 20 percent, while others have shown the gap to be as low as 5 percent. To try and alter this lead, whether for the better or worse, both the Gingrich and Romney campaigns have been airing commercials, attacking each's opponent viciously. 

Another major influence in this election is the Hispanic vote. This group's population has nearly doubled in the recent years, largely due to immigration from countries such as Cuba, Mexico and others in Latin American. To cater to these voters, every potential nominee has aired Spanish commercials, in a desperate attempt to sway this election-changing ethnicity. 

Tune in tonight to track the progress of Florida's primary, truly an influential time in our country's history.

Editor's Note: Cartersville Patch has added live blog coverage of Florida's primary to the student's article. The blog is produced by our sister Patch websites in the Sunshine State.

Jeri Lyn Flowers January 31, 2012 at 09:47 PM
Perry-you are turning into a great writer! Keep it up!


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