Ethics Complaint Filed Against School Board Member

Pine Log resident and candidate for chief magistrate of Bartow County, Paul Nally, asks Superintendent John Harper to impose sanctions against Vice Chairman Angie Cornett.

The content of recorded phone calls and text messages attributed to Bartow County Board of Education Vice Chairman Angie Cornett raises "serious questions" about her adherence to ethics policies and may "demonstrate an unlawful dissemination of confidential personnel information," according to an ethics complaint filed last night.

Bartow resident and Democratic candidate for chief magistrate, Paul Nally, filed the complaint, which asks Superintendent John Harper to conduct an inquiry into the veracity of the calls and texts published on bartowforabetterboe.com. The communications have embarrassed at least one parent and outraged some local residents.

Sanctions could include removing Cornett's authority to decide personnel matters, and her prior votes reviewed for possible "personal bias and prejudice or conflicts of interest," according to the complaint, a copy of which is attached to this article.

"It’s pretty simple. The conduct that appeared on [the website] was embarrassing, and of course, I can’t say the information that was on that website was [regarding] who it says to be but, if it is, it’s my opinion that is a breach of ethics,” Nally told The Daily Tribune News.

The school board during its business session also heard from three residents questioning issues raised in a previous ethics complaint filed by Post 4 representative Wanda Cagle Gray, according to the newspaper.

Should Harper conduct an investigation and impose sanctions on Cornett if the allegations are true? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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