County School Board Seat Opens in July Special Election

BartowPolitics.com yesterday questioned the validity of Bartow Schools' appointment of Anna Sullivan, but officials say the board was within its rights.

A special election in conjunction with the July primary will decide the District 5 representative on the .

Following questions on the validity of the recent appointment of Anna Sullivan, Supervisor Joseph Kirk said yesterday officials will call for the July 31 special election in about two weeks.

Following , the board appointed Sullivan to fill the seat through the end of the year. Cartersville Patch reported from the Feb. 6 swearing in and board meeting that and, if elected, run in the November general election.

But during last week's board meeting, a member of the community questioned the timing of Sullivan's appointment as it related to the primary and various laws on the books, reports.

Kirk said officials for more than a week have worked to determine the proper course of action, which involves local legislation and code sections of state law.

BartowPolitics.com yesterday said the board seemed to have violated its own policy in appointing Sullivan. Today the Michael Huneke and wife Melissa, said local legislation would trump state law, and the District 5 post seemingly should be vacant until the special election.

officials say the board did not violate its policy and Sullivan will continue as a board member, the newspaper and report.

It's not the first time the county school officials have come to their own defense amid speculation of policy violations. Although one school board policy seemed to state otherwise, officials in January said when he ran for his seat while employed by a private school.

Three people expressed interest in Sullivan's seat in writing, but the board whittled down the trio to two finalists. The move preceded , including , and a call by local Republicans to to help cover a $2 million shortfall.

School officials have indicated next fiscal year's budget situation may be even more dire, as the system dwindles its reserve to make up for decreasing state and local funding.

Rob Adkerson March 27, 2012 at 07:55 PM
Here's an idea for the shortfalls, cut out waste and administrative jobs instead of teachers or new taxes.
BP News March 28, 2012 at 03:20 AM
Thank you for the fair and balanced coverage of this issue. The only thing I want to clarify is that it isn't a board policy we are pointing out, these are laws passed by the GA Legislature and signed by the Governor. It is important for all of us to read all sides of this issue, especially the text of the two laws in question, and then contact our school board representatives with our opinions on the correct course of action given the wording of the state law and local legislation. Two thumbs up to Brande and Cartersville Patch for writing a thorough article!


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