Know Before You Go: Bamboo Garden Fails Inspection

The Adairsville restaurant scored a 63, or U, on its food service inspection on April 22.

Credit: Patch file
Credit: Patch file
An Adairsville eatery has some explaining to do after failing its food service inspection conducted by the Bartow County Environmental Health Department.

The inspection, done on April 22, yielded the eatery at 7421 Adairsville Highway Sutie 5, a failing score of 63.

The violations noted on the inspection report include (an asterisk indicates a repeat violation): 
  • Owner was seen chopping up onions with direct, bare hand contact.
  • A personal drink was stored on a food prep table.*
  • Observed uncovered food in walk-in cooler as well as in the reach-in cooler next to the wok*
  • Workers need to clean and sanitize pots and pans sitting over the wok. The entire cooking area should be cleaned and sanitized often. Inspectors also observed lots of food debris left from the previous night, which can be a source of food for rats and roaches. All food debris should be removed daily.*
  • The temperature of the chicken and broth in the large wok was observed at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The food is required to be maintained at 135 degrees Fahrenheit or above. 
  • Observed cut cabbage directly on a shelf with no covering in the walk-in cooler.
  • Clean wiping cloth not properly stored in sanitizing solution between uses.
  • Observed foil covering shelves and sides of equipment including the grill, wok, and refrigerator. Foil should not be used to line these surfaces. These surfaces should be maintained clean of all grease and food debris buildup.*
  • The area around the wok and the side of the fryers/refrigerator is contaminated with splashed on grease/waste foods. Walls behind the three comparment sink has mold growth and needs to be cleaned and sanitized.
  • Observed several items that don't appear to be in use. Regulations require owners to clean out all equipment and storage areas of things that are not in use to be able to clean the facility better.*
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