What Do You Think of Downtown Cartersville's New Logo?

The Downtown Development Authority unveiled the new design, which coincides with the city of Cartersville's branding. Tell us what you think of them!

Downtown Cartersville has a new logo, adopted by the Downtown Development Authority board and designed to coincide with the city of Cartersville's brand.

Sporting 4-Way Lunch, Young Brothers Pharmacy, the old train depot and The Grand Theatre, the "wonderful" logo updated for better brand recognition will be used in new brochures and advertising campaigns and to enhance the city department's website, said DDA Manager Tara Currier.

Two years ago, the city hired University of Georgia consultants to design a logo and tagline they said incorporated Cartersville's desire to attract business and residents and its commitment to moving forward and growing, The Daily Tribune News reported.

The city's tagline, which is front and center on its website, is Be Charmed. Be Prosperous. Belong.

We'd like to know what you think of Cartersville's logos and tagline. Give us your opinion in the comments.

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Beachbum February 19, 2013 at 06:07 PM
Very boring. Really the 4 Way is showcasing the best of Cartersville? Definitely don't see this logo as inspiring anyone to visit Cartersville. What about The Tellus or the Booth museums? Waste of time and money
Always an Emerson girl! February 19, 2013 at 08:12 PM
To Ra Ra: In response to your email to me, of course 'people of color' have indicated interest in these hospitality positions in Cartersville; I am one of them. I am not interested in getting a position because I'm Black, I have MUCH EXPERIENCE, MANY SKILLS AND YEARS OF EXPERIENCE...I'm just a ilttle country girl straight out of Emerson who had enough sense to establish my career in Atlanta instead of trying to do it here. Say what you will or may about Atlanta...the drugs, the murders, etc., - and I completely understand dollars here don't match the dollars in Atlanta, it's still head and shoulders above Cartersville when it comes to opportunties. I think it's the Chamber's slogan "We're Not Atlanta"...you most certainly are not.
Always an Emerson girl! February 19, 2013 at 08:32 PM
Sorry about about..MUCH EXPERIENCE, MANY SKILLS AND YEARS OF SELLING/BRANDING/POSITIONING...I decided to quit commuting to Atlanta and use my skills here AT HOME...how naive. Times may have changed but Bartow County certainly hasn't. Buy Bartow/Work Bartow? How about HIRE BARTOW? You can't work here until you're hired but there is so much nepotism here it is absolutely ridiculous. I did what a lot of people do, went away and came back home to use what I've learned and am extremely good at. Personally I would not even want to sell Cartersville/downtown now, especially with this logo. As much as I love the Andy Griffth show, I believe this Mayberry-esque logo does not fully depict what city leaders SHOULD be trying to convey.
C Morris February 20, 2013 at 01:51 PM
I don't have a problem with the logo. The downtown section of Cartersville is historical, and I think this highlights some of that history. Cartersville isn't known for being a big booming establishment. The charm of it is the small historical establishments, such as 4 Way.
Tabby W. April 04, 2013 at 09:02 AM
First of all, I believe college students are WAY more qualified to come up with a town logo than "professionals." (Professional at what by the way?) Especially if they are collage students born, raised and planning their futures in that particular town. As far as this particular logo is concerned, I like the idea and message in which it is attempting to portray- for the most part. This logo makes a statement to me that Cartersville is small town living but if you slow down long enough you can see the greatness in such living. That's something to be proud of. Everyone is so obsessed with keeping up with development and advancing forward and I have yet to see WHAT it is they are trying to develop or WHERE it is they are trying to advance to. It's like they are all trying to finish first in a never ending race. If they spent half that time enjoying and appreciating what their forefathers laid out before them they would probably learn that the paradise they are seeking is under their paved parking lots and that they are only making it harder for the generations following them to find the true paradise destroyed by this tainted, blind, destructive generation. This logo does have very basic elementary visuals. Don't be scared. Maybe a blue and back antique portrait of the 4 way or the square on the name Cartersville in black letters. It does need some kind of human element added to it. You're on the right track though. Good luck.


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