Taylor: LakePoint Road, More Jobs Bright Spots as Budget Woes Continue

Bartow County Commissioner Steve Taylor during his first 'State of the County' speech addressed the plan to put on hold a new combined fire and EMS headquarters in Cartersville.

Bartow County Commissioner Steve Taylor gave his first State of the County address during a Bartow GOP meeting Saturday, indicating a lag in tax collections due to the economic downturn continues.

He said a hiring freeze on full-time employees as well as worker furloughs and short-term borrowing with tax-anticipation notes would continue and indicated changes to save money on the county's pension plan are in the works.

Taylor also addressed officials' decision to postpone, for a second time, the construction of a $5 million public safety headquarters that would combine and locate and EMA operations at the proposed site off Felton Road between Tennessee Street and Highway 41.

Approved by voters in 2007, the project to construct a 34,500-square-foot facility was to be funded by Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax dollars the county began collecting in 2008, The Daily Tribune News reported.

"The SPLOST revenues from '08 are not coming in at the rate the previous administration anticipated," Taylor said, according to a video published by BartowPolitics.com, which is attached. "It's a tough decision and the firemen are disappointed. It's just something we don't have to do right now."

The county had traded infrastructure work for the land in a deal with State Rep. Paul Battles, R-Cartersville, who was administering a trust left by John and Ann Collins, and had put about $1 million into the project, according to the newspaper.

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"The fire department we've got right now is sufficient to serve our needs," Taylor continued. "It looks like it may be into next year before this project gets done. If it does get done, it will be with the '08 SPLOST funding and not with the new SPLOST.

"Times in tough in Bartow County as far as the budget goes. I've turned down request after request after request."

Taylor said he does plans to hire three or four new firemen.

LakePoint Road, More Jobs on the Horizon

Taylor said construction on the road to accomodate LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center south of Cartersville is set to begin mid-March or the first of April. Construction on Bass Pro Shops would then start in the spring or summer of 2014.

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To the north, auto-parts manufacturer voestalpine, which already signed on to create 220 local jobs, has the option on a second phase Taylor said "we think [is] going to go," which would bring 450 more jobs, he said.

"Europeans pay good wages.... That's the kind of jobs I would like to see in Bartow County," Taylor said. "LakePoint, you're talking about 10,000 to 20,000 [mainly service] jobs...but the really good-paying jobs will be the manufacturing jobs."

Officials also are hoping another "sister" company comes to the Highland 75 business park off Cass-White Road near Interstate 75.

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the guy February 02, 2013 at 09:23 PM
well according to public records the fire trucks dont cost 500,000 they are around 300,000 most of the fire stations ive seen around the county is manned by only 2 personnel except for the headquarters station and the adairsville station there still under staffed and under paid the guy claiming he used to work for the fire department sounds like he doesnt have a clue what he was talking about he must be ignorant so he needs to just shut up and listen and what may work in texas may not work in georgia just my thought of the day
the girl February 10, 2013 at 04:46 PM
Friday I heard over the scanner that station 1 had to shut down the ladder truck because there was not enough people at the station to run it. The only 2 stations that I am aware of with more than just 2 people at them are stations 1 and 10. Both of those stations have 4 people because there are 2 trucks at those stations. Also, the fire station that was supposed to be build from the 2008 SPLOST was to replace station 1. The current station 1 has mold throughout the living quarters; did you know that the sprinkler system has not been inspected since instalation and that it is only a residental system; did you know that there is only 1 bedroom at this station as well as at many of the other stations (2 person stations) and both men and women share this tiny room... (but this is ok right?) Also the truck bay is attached to the living quarters (not only at station 1 but also at many of the older stations) This is a huge problem because the fumes constantly seep into the living quarters. In a fire enginering artical dated 2/1/2011, it clearly states the diesel exhaust fumes released by the fire trucks will cause major health problems including cancer (leading to higher medical bills, in turn higher insurance cost for the county). This artical has ways to mitigate problems with exaust fumes... Commissioner Taylor, are you willing to spend that money to make the stations tenable for your employees or do the stations seem to be just fine still?
J P White March 12, 2013 at 01:51 PM
Trash on roads -- We have an enviromental officer -- where is he??? The roads around dump sites are littered with trash -- if the dumps are closed (which they are many days) people leave the trash by the road. Conside opening the dump sites more days -- use prison trustees -- other counties do??? This is an easy fix ---


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