Local Party Reps to School Board: Release Information

Bartow Politics reports the leaders of the local Republican and Tea parties asked Bartow Schools leaders to clear up questions about a recent board appointment and release an itemized budget.

Spokesmen for two local political parties addressed  officials during the Monday board meeting, asking the system to release information to clear up remaining questions and concerns on two recent measures, BartowPolitics.com reports.

During the board's public input session, three people stepped forward to each address two issues—Anna Sullivan's and a property tax increase announced along with .

After questions on the validity of Sullivan's February appointment following the Dec. 31 resignation of Larry Parker, officials to fill the District 5 post. Schools officials have disagreed with those who argue Sullivan's appointment was a violation of the board's own policy and the seat should be vacant until the special election.

In addition to documentation of its authority to make a temporary appointment such as Sullivan's, the speakers again asked the school system to budget, Bartow Politics reports. The second such request follows the board's vote to from 17.90 mills to 19.40 mills, which Superintendent John Harper said will equate to an additional $60 a year on a $100,000 home.

Bartow Politics' full summary is attached to this article.

Katherine M April 17, 2012 at 11:27 PM
Every time Davis Nelson gets involved with the county school system, shady stuff starts happening. If Angie Cornett and John Howard keep being his stooges, they will all be one term members.
BP News April 18, 2012 at 02:30 PM
I also want to add that we have verified via the Georgia General Assembly's legislative counsel (that would be their lawyers, in case anyone might be confused) that the laws state just as we have reported and that Bartow County School Board vacancies must be filled by election, not appointment. There is absolutely no evidence that the law has been amended, as the only bills submitted by local legislators pertaining to the Bartow Board of Education from 2003-2012 are the 2003 law requiring an election for a vacancy and the recent submission by Rep. Coomer and Rep. Battles pertaining to new district lines, required by the new census numbers. We do not seek to make trouble, only to make sure the rule of law is upheld. We have nothing at all against Ms. Sullivan; in fact, we have heard good things about her, and she may indeed be a great board member...but she should not be voting until after running and winning a special election. To do otherwise is to tell not only the residents of Post 5, but the rest of the county, that the board believes itself to be above the law and not bound to obey it if they choose to interpret the law a different way. Keep up with all the latest in politics from Bartow County to Washington, D.C. at www.bartowpolitics.com.


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