Flu: Not Too Late to Vaccinate

Sunday marks the start of National Influenza Vaccination Week, and the Georgia Department of Public Health reminds Cartersville every flu season is different and the best defense against influenza is to get immunized.

If you've ever been out or work and away from family and friends, hugging a hot water bottle and shivering under a stack of blankets, you know the importance of flu immunization.

Flu season has been in full swing since August, but it’s never too late to guard yourself against the infection. Sunday is the first day of National Influenza Vaccination Week, and the Georgia Department of Public Health is emphasizing the continued importance of flu vaccination for all.

“People of every race, class and environment are equally susceptible to flu infection,” Georgia Department of Public Health Immunization Director Steven Mitchell said in a press release. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone six months and older receive a flu shot, and failure to get vaccinated accounts for countless needless infections each year.” 

According to the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases, communication lapses between patients and doctors are partly to blame. A recent survey by the CDC concluded one in five adults believes vaccines are optional for healthy adults. 

Operating under this impression, a significant portion of the population will fail to arm itself against the flu this coming season, putting everyone at higher risk for continued infection and transmission of the disease. 

CDC survey results show only 40.5 percent of Georgians were vaccinated in the 2010-2011 season. In this category, Georgia ranks 41 out of the 50 states.

An influenza vaccination is the best way to prevent flu and potentially serious complications. Flu season can extend as late as May.

CDC recommends everyone get to a doctor’s office, pharmacy or and invest in good health through vaccination this winter.

If you don't like needles, ask about the nasal mist flu vaccine.

Philip Meagher December 06, 2011 at 07:51 AM
Here is a doc who says pregnant women should NEVER get the vaccine. http://healthjournalclub.com/don%E2%80%99t-vaccinated-pregnant/ Besides hasn't improving vitamin D levels in winter been shown to work as well as the shot?


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