Cobb's Jobless Rate Drops

That mirrors declines across metro Atlanta.

The August jobs report is out, and preliminary figures from the Georgia Department of Labor show a dip in Cobb's jobless rate.

The rate went from a revised 8.5 percent in July to 8.1 percent in August. And thanks to fewer layoffs in manufacturing, construction, administrative and support services, educational services, and health care and social assistance, the 28-county metro Atlanta area's jobless rate fell from a revised 9.2 percent in July to 8.9 percent in August, the Georgia Department of Labor said in a news release.

Of the 10 counties within the Atlanta Regional Commission, Cobb ranks fourth, behind Cherokee (7.1 percent), Fayette (7.8 percent) and Gwinnett (7.9 percent).

Georgia's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate of 9.2 percent didn't change from July to August, and is higher than the nation's rate of 8.1 percent.

At this point last year, the jobs report was more bleak. Kennesaw's unemployment rate was 11.3 percent, Cobb's was 9.2 percent, metro Atlanta's was 9.9 percent, Georgia's was 9.9 percent and the nation's was 9.1 percent.

For further analysis, open the PDFs under the photos attached to this article.

Area Jobless Rate Cherokee County 7.1 percent Fayette County 7.8 percent Gwinnett County 7.9 percent Cobb County 8.1 percent 28-county metro Atlanta area 8.9 percent City of Smyrna 8.9 percent Henry County 9.0 percent City of Kennesaw 9.1 percent City of Marietta 9.1 percent State of Georgia 9.2 percent Douglas County 9.2 percent DeKalb County 9.4 percent Fulton County 9.9 percent Rockdale County 10.1 percent Clayton County 11.2 percent

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Melinda Paris September 28, 2012 at 01:08 PM
They should lay off a load of Cobb County Police, and Sheriff's in this county, went to the fair last night (Thursday night) there was a police officer almost for every person, ridicilous, standing around shooting the bull, eating, drinking coffee, I do understand Wednesday night set record attendance because of concert and FREE RIDES, and there was a GANG related shooting last weekend, but they should have sent half them home last night...let's trim some of the waste in this county and let's start with the top
Oldtimer September 28, 2012 at 01:31 PM
Cobb Police and Sheriff deputies do an amazing job. We need them. I praise alll that they do.
Melinda Paris September 28, 2012 at 08:28 PM
I did praise them but they acted horrible at the fair last night (basically showed their butts) to some really good people. My uncle was a Sheriff of this great county, so I do know the difference between good and bad. There is good and bad in every profession, and I ran into the bad, It makes me sad, and mad at how they acted, and I'm basing my comment on that situation..I will add after 57 years of life on this earth, I've been blindsided by two bad ones in the last year, we had new neighbors move in last November, we've been here almost 40 years same house, same yard etc..We were picking pecans off our trees that we planted (our dad planted, almost 40 years ago) the new nice neighbors called the Cobb Police, and said we were tresspassing, they threatened to LOCK US UP for being on our land, and WE HAD TO DO all the proving of where the land was, We had the deed, the platt, the everything, the new nice neighbors couldn't produce anything, and they called the police on us 3 times, once on fence man, once on surveyor, once on us and unleashed their pit bull on us too. They moved here from Walton county, so it wasn't too amazing to deal with an officer yelling in our face, threatning us with jail time because a neighbor that called them said so..After all our expense of fence, new survey and etc, we can again pick our pecans off our trees, it was handled very poorly...I have had ONE ticket in my entire life, that's my criminal record total.


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