Bartow Voters Opt for Mickey Mouse, 'Anyone Else'

Other names appearing on 14 pages of write-ins from last week's elections range from local attorneys and judges to characters from other cartoons and films.

Some Bartow voters were so unimpressed with the primary candidates on the ballots they instead cast write-in votes for Mickey Mouse, Obi Wan Kenobi and Elvis Presley, in addition to the likes of Me, Anyone Else and Other.

In , voters didn’t have the option to write in candidates for party races because Democrats and Republicans were only deciding who to send to the general election in November.

But any person, cartoon character, movie star and word or phrase were fair game in the nonpartisan elections. Those included several judiciary positions, including Bartow County judge and state Supreme and Appeals courts judges.

In total, Bartow voters cast 14 pages of write-ins, including some for Second Little Pig, Someone New, Ellie Mae, Dog, Bill Clinton and Non-incumbent.

If you’re up for perusing the sometimes-comical selections, the full report from officials is attached to this article.

Who, real or fictional, dead or alive, would you like to see in local offices? Tell us in the comments below.

Of course, in accordance with Georgia law, none of the write-ins would have been eligible because they didn’t file—or weren’t physically able to do so—the required notice of candidacy before the elections. And even if they had, there have been only a handful of successful write-in efforts ever across the country.

But that didn't stop some voters in Cartersville and Bartow from remembering perhaps the most successful protest vote-getter in U.S. history, Mickey Mouse. His name appears a couple of times, along with Jesus Christ, Woody Wood Pecker, Santa, Jack Daniels and Satan.

According to MickeyForPresident.com, if Mr. Mouse was elected to America’s top post, he would select another popular Bartow choice, Donald Duck, as his vice president.

Alongside a couple of John Doe, Tim the Tool Man, Porky Pig and Aunt Bee votes were a number of write-ins for Bartow County judges, including Superior Court's Scott Smith and Carey Nelson, and local attorneys, such as , and .

Folks should have known before they went to the polls that repeat presidential contender Ron Paul and his son, Rand Paul, a U.S. senator from Kentucky, are far above local politics and not even local to Bartow.

Jimmy Carter, the only president from Georgia, still lives in the state, but are Jeff Dunham, Chuck Norris and Donald Trump even close to the South?

Another choice was Jesus Christ, but, while the Son of God probably appreciates your votes, he has more important matters to tend to, like, say, overseeing the entire human race, past and present.

We could go on and on about Superman, Elmer Fudd and all the other interesting write-ins, but we want to see what wit you have to offer!

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