Bartow Gives Land, Incentives for voestalpine

The manufacturer set to build a plant in Highland 75 near Cartersville gets property tax abatements, help securing rail service or a transfer station, and "Voestalpine Parkway."

For a , Bartow County agreed to give newcomer voestalpine land and tax breaks, according to a memorandum of understanding signed last week by Commissioner Clarence Brown.

voestalpine Stamptee, a division of the Austrian-based, international metal-working company, agreed to build in Highland 75 near Cartersville an up to 200,000-square-foot factory on 32 acres for the of certain stamped-metal components, transmission and power train parts.

The facility could be operational by July 2013, Rome News-Tribune reported. It could also draw at least two other companies looking to build plants in close proximity to voestalpine's new Bartow County site, Brown told the newspaper.

In addition to applying for a $275,000 grant on behalf of voestalpine, and the 's Joint Development Authority agreed to issue bonds to fund construction of the plant and to be repaid by voestalpine with lease payments.

To induce voestalpine to locate its facility in Bartow, the JDA also agreed to:

  • Give the company 15 acres of land in industrial park Highland 75, which is valued at $375,000, and the option to purchase up to about 17 adjacent acres for $25,000 per acre.
  • Foot the bill and help complete permitting, zoning, infrastructure and temporary water. The county will waive water and sewer tap fees.
  • "Facilitate, assist and coordinate discussions in regards to providing a direct rail serve to the Highland 75 Industrial Park and/or rail service via a transfer station," according to the agreement.
  • Name a Highland 75 roadway to be built "Voestalpine Parkway."

In the agreement, voestalpine also gets a break on property taxes—15 years on real property and 10 years on personal property, both based on an increasing abatement percentage schedule.

Find all the details in the MOU, which is attached to this article.

Last year, Bartow's development authority for LakePoint Sporting Community & Town Center. The county also agreed to give LakePoint 10 years of property tax abatements, much as it did for , which have brought hundreds of jobs to Bartow.

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Katherine M August 24, 2012 at 02:15 PM
This is ridiculous!!! And appears timed to help Steve Taylor win his election.
Cleve August 24, 2012 at 03:21 PM
Sweet jobs maybe in the future and no taxes to help the rest of us that work pay taxes on all these damn government programs that we get taxed on. If I got all that help I could start a damn business here also. Discussions sounds more like praying they help.
Tom S August 24, 2012 at 04:10 PM
Ummm .. the story just before this one, "Bartow's Jobless Rate hits 10%". I never ceases to amaze me the ignorance of people about what it takes to attract businesses like this to Bartow and start chipping away at the 10% unemployment. If you haven't noticed, every state and county throws out incentives like this. You fuss because we don't have any jobs, then you fuss when the county does what IT HAS TO DO to bring jobs. By the way, people out of work don't pay taxes. So by virtue of their employment, the company is generating tax revenue.
Cleve August 24, 2012 at 06:58 PM
I assume you are responding to me Tom S. I fuss becasue there are no jobs and will keep on until my wife who has two degrees now can get a job. Ignorance is bliss sir. You hurl insults and take away from the conversation. That is ignorance. Learn to read Tom... No duh people who do not work do not pay taxes. Is that what this article is about or even what I said? Who said the county had to do this to bring jobs? I wish we tax payers could vote on these choices. That would stop a lot of this from ever happening. Perhaps we would not be in the mess we are now and have to offer ridiculous packages like this praying it goes as we need it to. Enjoy your kool-aid Tom.


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