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Cartersville Officer Talks Down Man Threatening…

Fighting Females Jailed, Men Freed

Authorities charged two women with disorderly conduct in connection with a fight over money, and in a separate incident, two men in an altercation involving a gun were released.

A disagreement between two women involving money allegedly came to blows Sunday night, and both went to jail following the physical altercation.

Cassiey Nicole McClendon, 23, of Brown Road in Cartersville, and Tiffany Michelle Blackwell, 26, of Acworth, were each charged with disorderly conduct following the 8 p.m. incident at a Grassdale Road apartment, according to the report.

An anonymous caller reported the fight, and witnesses said although both women were involved, they did not see which was the "primary aggressor."

The responding deputy noted the statements of both McClendon and Blackwell changed during his investigation, and each said the other attacked her. Both women agreed the dispute was about money owed to McClendon. Neither wished to press charges.

In a separate incident a few hours prior, authorities released a man accused of pulling a gun on another motorists at .

A third party called 911 about 3:30 p.m. to report a fight in progress at the gas pumps. He said two men were in a verbal altercation and the older man had pulled a gun on the younger, a 25-year-old Law Road resident.

Deputies caught up with the men, both of whom had already left the gas station traveling in different directions. The older of the two, a 59-year-old Marietta man on a motorcycle, said he had pulled the .357 Magnum he was carrying in a holster because the younger man had grabbed an aluminum bat.

But his statement didn't match that of the 911 caller, a witness who said the elder man pulled the gun on the younger after he retrieved an item from the ground near the motorcycle that was at an adjacent gas pump.

The Cartersville man, who declined to move forward with charges, said he became upset and threw to the ground a cell phone that accidentally hit the motorcycle. He said he retrieved the bat after the motorcyclist pointed the gun and threatened to kill him.

"He advised he did not wish to prosecute the older male because he really was not scared of him at any point during the incident," the report says.

Authorities released both men.


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