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Woman Pulls Gun After Dog Bite

The dog that bit a child on Brown Drive is quarantined for 10 days for observation.

Correction: As noted in "," an article subsequently published on Cartersville Patch, the dog involved in this incident is not a pit bull, as originally reported. According to the owner, the dog, JellyBeans, which is shown in the photo, is a Dalmation-Great Dane mix.

A woman whose son was bit by a pit bull pulled a gun and waved it around, threatening to kill the dog, but left the scene Sunday before authorities arrived.

deputies shortly after 2 p.m. were called to Brown Drive, where the residents said a dog had escaped a fence and bit the child. The dog's owner said the victim's mother came to the home, got out of her car and grabbed a gun. She drove off before police arrived, according to the report.

Authorities have no information on the boy's injury. The dog, described by a Cartersville Patch tipster as a pit bull that "attacked" a child, has been quarantined for 10 days of observation, according to a spokesman.

She said the animal could be classified as a dangerous dog, and it's unclear if the owner wants the dog back.

Georgia is one of at least 24 states in which animal control authorities report that pit bulls are biting more than all other dog breeds, according to DogsBite.org, a public education website. Pit bulls also are the most damaging breed with a hold-and-shake-style bite.

debra May 22, 2012 at 10:46 AM
Wait they are nice human like...hmmm we talk about what happen and we are sorry for earlier and they say the same... door open man drops leash.... BELLA run oohhh i cry he jumps and pees.... now we have to pay for state cerificate 100.00 please ...they dont take CREDIt..God please no...the nice lady in pin ktells me come tomorrow its ok......we leave with BELLA...get home get our mail and what is this the GA LAW we have TEN to comply with th BOARDS decission..... if we dont the will take Bella and then we have FIVE days to do so or eles they KILL BELLA.....net day ALL four dogs KENNEL COUGH thanks Bartow animal control......so lets add up bellas part 210.00vet quantine( elrod to the news reporter i could have kept him at home) HHHmm...185.00 deposit insurance...15.00muzzle.....37.00 for signs and locks/.... 100.00 state certificate....$40.oo meds for kennal cough.....hmmm Parent that pulled a gun ZEROOOOO no one even checked no police no one...neighbors that told her Shoot both dogs now say we lied about the gun... sheriff milsap STILL WAITING where is our help....they call the police animal control...stare stand in the road.... flip you off throw stuff on your lawn...what do they get ZERO.....BARTOWcounty needs to clean up its act
debra May 22, 2012 at 10:47 AM
leave move thats what they tell us...... are you going to pay our landlord for breaking the lease...i think not....to be cont
Lauren June 02, 2012 at 02:36 PM
Gosh, this is a crazy string of comments. The dog owners obviously feel no remorse whatsoever, as their only complaints are about how much they had to pay to get their dog out of quarantine. If my dog had bit someone, I would have saved animal control the trouble of having to quarantine him and just killed him myself. You can never guarantee that your dog won't attack again, no matter how much obedience training you put them through. The fact of the matter is that the dog did attack. I hope the dog has been put down by now and I hope the child is healing well. It's unfortunate that he lost the activity he loved because someone couldn't handle the responsibility of having a dog.
Sara Williams August 16, 2012 at 11:38 PM
Just for fun I thought I'd add this: I have a pit bull and I have been bitten by two dogs in my life, one was a pit bull that was trained to be vicious (not the dogs fault) and the other was a chihuahua. The chihuahua latched onto my thigh and dangled! I had to go to the ER! The male pit bull bit me on the hand and immediately let go when i screamed for reaching into the yard and taking one of its puppies after it killed one and I witnessed it. I still have the puppy, his name is Dude and I wouldn't trade him for anything. It's not the breed, it's not genes. He is normal and loving and rolls around with children with no issues. He is 2. This dog did something wrong, yes but you can't blame a breed for one dog's actions just like you can't blame the human race as a whole because many of them murder.
Bob December 17, 2012 at 02:47 AM
If a dog bites a kid, it should be euthenized if it isn't killed on the scene.


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