Weird Crime: Parolee Wasn't Going to Smoke It, Man Shoplifts Dog Treats

Recent strange happenings in Cartersville and Bartow County include an attack on a woman who opened the door to let her dog in.

A few police reports chronicling strange happenings in Cartersville and Bartow County throughout the weekend caught our eyes at Cartersville Patch. Here are the stories:

Man Tries to Attack, Pull Woman from Home

An Adairsville woman said a man tried to attack her Friday night as she let her dog inside.

About 9:30 p.m., the 42-year-old woman opened the door to her Old Highway 41 home and the man grabbed her by the head and tried to pull her outside, according to the Bartow County Sheriff's Office incident report.

The dog bit the would-be attacker, who ran off through the yard, but not before the victim's head slammed into the door jam. She said she had been receiving phone calls from a man who says, "I'm watching you," but couldn't think of anyone who would wish her harm.

Parolee Says He Wasn't Going to Smoke It

Authorities found a man who returned despite a criminal trespass warning sitting on a large plastic bag full of suspected marijuana, but parolee Harris Edgar Adcock Jr. said he wasn't going to smoke it, according to the BCSO report.

About 1:30 Sunday morning, a Mac Johnson Road resident reported Adcock, 37, had just fled into the woods with a big bag of weed.

Adcock, of Kingston Highway in Cartersville, allegedly told deputies he had found the bag earlier in the night while running from the police, but intended to turn the marijuana over to authorities because he is on parole and couldn't smoke it.

A witness said Adcock had returned to the home with big marijuana plants, tried to hand out pieces of them and posed for photographs holding the plants, as residents waited for police to arrive.

He was charged with intent to distribute marijuana.

Man Pockets Dog Treats at Grocery Store

A customer alerted Ingles workers Friday that a man was stuffing dog treats in the pockets of his cargo pants, according to the BCSO report.

She said she saw the man open the package of chicken jerky treats and pocket half the bag. When a manager confronted the man at the door, his cargo pants pockets were full of something, but he denied any theft and left in a maroon four-door sedan.

The dog treats, found open and half-empty, were valued at $13.

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