Walmart Needle Victim Speaks Out

Patricia Headrick of Cartersville said she was shocked when pricked by a needle hidden in a bra package at Walmart and now worries for her health.

investigators sent for testing needles recovered from merchandise—to determine what may have been in the syringes and who may have placed them in pajamas, pants, socks and a bra.

Patricia Headrick was jabbed with one of those needles when on Black Friday she put her hand in a bra package. She said while it's unclear if Walmart will assist with her all medical bills, the giant retailer likely would not pay for a $1,300 shot to reduce her chances of contracting HIV.

Headrick said she was told the store would assist her with medical bills only if an employee were responsible for placing the syringe inside the bra container.

But five hours following a , Walmart spokesman Dianna Gee said representatives had reached out to Headrick and would "work with customers to pay for any valid medical expenses."

Gee added Walmart has a team dedicated to reviewing security footage and is working closely with law enforcement to determine who .

"We're taking this very seriously and are concerned it happened at one of our stores, but we believe it's an isolated situation involving this one store," she said, adding Cartersville Walmart personnel since examined clothing in the apparel department and found nothing out of the ordinary.

Walmart also has additional staff monitoring the department.

"We want customers to feel confident," Gee said. "We've taken a number of measures—examining clothing, extra staff on hand—and we're dedicated to getting to the bottom of this."

While shoppers found three needles in Walmart clothing, store personnel turned over to law enforcement a fourth syringe found in a pair of socks. It's unclear if a customer or worker discovered it.

At least two people—Headrick and a 14-year-old Cartersville girl—were jabbed with the needles. The girl's mother also may have been stuck.

spootiehead December 01, 2011 at 09:15 PM
yes they should pay, it's the right thing to do even if it wasn't an employee didn't put them in the clothing. this is another example of how WALMART doesn't care about it's shoppers as well as their employees.


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