Police Arrest Local Pair in Alleged Armed Robbery of Deliveryman

Danielle Nicole Lefevbre, 23, of Taylorsville, and Bobby Joe Wehunt, 29, of Cartersville, allegedly lured and injured the man, taking his car and wallet.

A local man and woman have been arrested in connection with the alleged armed robbery of a Cartersville .

Sheriff Clark Millsap said in a news release the victim was making a delivery on Jan. 30 for his employer, City Wings, in the area of Franklin Drive off Cassville Road in Cartersville. After he was flagged down by a woman, the alleged victim went to a vacant house, where he was injured.

Authorities say that while speaking with the woman, the deliveryman was struck in the neck and head multiple times with a hard object. His car, wallet, cash and other items were taken.

The owner of the allegedly stolen car spotted it Thursday on Burnt Hickory Road. As a result, Danielle Nicole Lefevbre, 23, of Taylorsville, and Bobby Joe Wehunt, 29, of Williams Drive in Cartersville, were arrested and each charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery.

Investigators say they later determined the duo was allegedly involved in the armed robbery. They now are awaiting bond hearings in Bartow County Superior Court.

The alleged victim is at home, but still recovering from his injuries.

More arrests and charges are possible as investigation continues, police say.

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Jaime Wehunt February 10, 2013 at 03:52 AM
Herschel, bobby is my ex husband. I have 2 kids with him that he is not allowed to see legally because he is a drug addict and is unfit. So I know first hand! You're right, take the car out of the equation, THEY STILL LURED a guy into a place and beat him! They're trash. That's the life they choose. They run the streets looking for their next mark so they can get high. I've watched him do it for years.
Jaime Wehunt February 10, 2013 at 03:57 AM
I warned Danielle months ago when she called me crying that Bobby had disappeared to leave him alone, or she'd end up going down with him. But these two brag about bring each others "Bonnie and Clyde" all the time. It's sick. Let them sit and learn a lesson. My kids are safer now that he's behind bars, and off the streets. And maybe, this saved their lives. You can't live the life they live and rip people off and steal from folks and expect to be bulletproof. So, again I say KUDOS to the law enforcement. And I would gladly testify at the bond hearing they they have both said within the past 2 weeks they they were about to flee to Canada, so they are a flight risk. They aren't going to let Bobby out anyway, seeing that he owes $14,000 back child support for 2 kids he has never paid a dime for.
Jaime Wehunt February 10, 2013 at 04:15 AM
I literally just laughed out loud at the "failed a drug test at work" comment, because it wasn't too long ago, Renae herself, got Bobby fired from a job and he DID in fact fail a drug test. Her daughter doesn't work, she runs the streets and does her thing while Bobby was working. So, he did have a job for about 2 weeks! I guess that does make him productive, after all!? Shaking my head at this whole situation. I'm so glad my babies are too small to have to explain that Daddy and his "Bonnie" robbed someone and they're going to prison.
Michael Jake Wolfe February 10, 2013 at 04:20 AM
renae renae do you know the definition of slander?? just wondering because this is Jake the snake Wolfe himself. I have been at my home everyday which is the same address that is on my license.I am not running or hiding from anyone because I have nothing to run or hide from if the police need to speak to me I am not hard to find. Actually after reading your slanderous accusations I went straight to the sherriffs office and I was told I have no outstanding warrents or was there any bolo out for me. I dont know why or where your getting your information. Yes I work for City Wings on occasion and yes I know your daughter I see her from time to time she is a friend of a friend. I try to stay away as much as possible because she is lost and if anyone knows that you do. No i am not perfect there is not many that is. I just wanted to let you know that Monday morning at 8 am I will be in my attorneys office to speak to him about you slandering my name on the internet and to see what we can do about it. If im not mistaken, which I very well could be, slander is a felony itself.
Carring Christian February 10, 2013 at 02:50 PM
I have never read such vicious, hateful, disgusting things in my life. As a person who loves the Lord and wants justice, I have to say that each persons represented here in above statements are full of hate for others. You all should deal with the issues you are faced with and not carry them to your future. Those two people are a daughter or son of someone and you have no right lashing out about them. As maybe you have had hard times your self, you should only down another if "you" yourself is Perfect! Remember what you say and do will come back ten fold. No one is perfect and never will be.
Carring Christian February 10, 2013 at 03:02 PM
As too the above ex wife, if you hate so very much, then why not go back to your maiden name? Why keep someone's last name in whom you hate? It amazes me every single time anyone is on the Cartersville Patch, that everyone lashes out at whomever as if this is a gossip blog. As my heart goes out to the boy that was hurt, I full of disgust at how people turn into evil. Do you know that not everyone wakes up and thinks, oh I'm going to go get on drugs today and become what's called white trash? Do your research and for those that have a jaded mind open it up and try and help people that are going down the wring path versus constantly pushing them toward it. Prayers is needed for all of these families!
Carring Christian February 10, 2013 at 03:04 PM
So. Thankful that this delivery boy is recovering. Many prayers have been sent to you and your family.
Loving Neighbor February 10, 2013 at 04:08 PM
I would like to say thank you caring Christian for words of wisdom. This has become a gossip blog and hate blog. I think in times like these where it is so easily to point fingers and accuse, that the one ting we must do as Christians is to pray for these people and thier families.. Not post hateful words for the whole world to view!!! Let He who is with out sin cast the first stone... This young man and lady have been "allegedly" involved, innocent until proven guilty. I pray that the investigators do thier jobs and find out exactly what has happened, so that innocent people do not get wrongly accused... With that said I will also pray for thier families and the people who have posted on this blog with such hate words and negativity... Love thy neighbor as thyself....
ltr February 10, 2013 at 04:31 PM
how is this a gossip blog? The pair were arrested, after BCSO deemed they were "allegedly" involved in the original attack. Tell us what part is, "gossip". please do. We are waiting.
ltr February 10, 2013 at 04:51 PM
AT Caring "Christian" - not Once does the Lady above (ex-wife) use the word "hate" in any of her posts. She is just clearly educating the public of her past dealings with the 'alleged" male in connection with this crime. What about the Victim, Why are you not crying out about the injusts that have been done to him? The families of the two 'alleged criminals" know darn well what these two have been upto for the past few years. Please.
Loving Neighbor February 10, 2013 at 05:21 PM
Gossip blog for people who knew or know the victims and or alleged , those negative comments lashing out at them and saying things for others to gossip about that's my point.. The victim is surely in my prayers as I stated above praying for them all..this blog is set up just to get people gossiping about what has taken place and its like throwing a bulldog a bone.... How you choose to respond to such negativity is beyond me, I do know that a crime is a crime and should be dealt with however these posts should not even be on here causing drama for those involved or victim involved and their families. Everyone just loves a good story to talk about.....
Vivian Woods February 10, 2013 at 05:34 PM
its clear the x wife is hating and gossiping about things she says she hasnt had anythig to do with for a long time but states things that she claims are of recent. her kids have his DNA and hers ..looks like a dangerous combination. the focus is the truth and getting to it.. just bc BCSO states something doesnt mean its the whole truth. why do we need judges if that is the case just lock them away .. NOT.. its sad that her kids one day will read the blogs she posted about their dad.. she has years to go with her own and she cant make decisions for them once they are of age ..but she will look back and remember these post and think Karma has landed on her doorstep. i pray for answers for all three familys.. the victim and both the accused because they are being hurt by all the post and theres no reason to start a lynch mob out of past hurt and anger...God with us and for us not against us. If she knew so much why didnt she do something to stop it and itr the family s cant be blamed bc they knew thier loved ones were lost on drugs .. how is it there fault.. i can see you must have been born in the 90s bc you feel its the parents fault.. adults are responsible for their own actions and lets see what these end up being..
ltr February 10, 2013 at 05:55 PM
EXCUSE ME..LET ME REPOST WHAT YOU JUST SAID. IF SHE KNEW SO MUCH..(bad talk about the ex-wife) LET's change gears- AS in speaking about DANIELLe's mother - WHY didnt SHE do something to stop this, because it started YEARS ago! DO Not Attack the ex wife, because she is honest and forthright. How Ignoragant can you be. You must be related to Danielle nicole Lafevbre. how else can you expain Your ignorance. SHE LORED someone to a Place, where he was beaten, and left bloody
Jaime Wehunt February 10, 2013 at 05:56 PM
I am not hating. I don't hate the man. I simply was stating the truth and saying I'm glad he is somewhere now where he is clean from drugs and can maybe learn a lesson and be the father he needs to be. Facts, is what I stated. I've never hated him, and never will. I am glad he's caught, and I hope that he changes his ways.
Jaime Wehunt February 10, 2013 at 05:59 PM
I have offered to take him to rehab for the past 2 years. I have offered him help and been there for him. I know the facts. The recent facts. He needs help. I hope he gets it. I had to walk away from him to protect my kids and myself from the choices he was making. Not because I hated him.
Vivian Woods February 10, 2013 at 06:06 PM
ltr you are stating a huge statement.. you have no clue if she lured or not you are simple stating what you read in a newspaper and it is also said to have been allegedly.. they dont know for sure or they would had posted it without the allegedly educate your self before speaking and Itr and its easy to see the same wording and spelling as the same as jaime wehunt must be the same person but and Im sorry I dont blame her mother for anything Danielle does or doesnt do. i am not accussing or lynching either one of the accused and my prayers are for all of them until it is found who did what. and all the above statements she has made a drastic change in her rants with the last post about "her X" not the other lady Danielle and its a good change.. try it... and it is not I who is ignorant and as for her mother I know of her mother and I know she is very involved in being the voice for a child who is in DFCS custody and whom cares very deeply for the well being of children and has the respect of many in our county as well as two other counties for her work in that area she was nominated and won the volunteer of the year for doing so much for so many and she is involved in so many other things and does so volunteer.. shes a cancer survivor and a wonderful person...
ltr February 10, 2013 at 06:27 PM
I know her mother is a cancer survivor, AND I ALSO know the person is custody came to my home and stoled from us> AND not Allegedly. What she did was a felony. I had a conversation with her mother when it happened. I begged her mother to have her daughter return my property so I WOULD not have to file a police repert. I Begged Danielle to return the stolen items, she said she did not have them anymore- SHE ADMITTED she stole them them from my home. HER MOTHER DID NOTHING but defend her, and STATED- Danielle WAS not her responsibitlity. AND would NOT pay for any damages that Danielle Caused- MMMM .. family ownes a livestock resell company. SO BECAUSE mother went through BRAIN CANCER, WE SHOULD FORGET WHAT DANIELLE HAS DONE TO US? YEA- I THAT FACT WHAT DANIELLE'S FAMILY IS AFFLUENT
Carring Christian February 10, 2013 at 07:00 PM
Wow! All I can say.. look back at these posts a few hours or years from now.. all these again are malicious vicious completely obscured intents if defense. Why don't we all ficus on whose at fault and finding them? Are any if you, not guilty of things you wished with all your might you could change? It are you completely sin less and perfect.. reflection of the mirror will tell your truths....
Renae Harris February 10, 2013 at 07:09 PM
I will only make one statement... as for ltr I know who you are now and you left off so many details.. most important was that you were trying to extort money from me.. and the property was pills and yes I said I would not be part of any such thing. I would never be part of anything like that and you dont know me you know of me ..you were just a phone call that kept calling for money. in the end you never filled a report bc it was over pills and you were the one who took them and didnt want your boyfriend to know you did it. I will not argue with you.. next time you want to speak up make sure you include all of the facts and as for what my daughter has done or not done is NOT my responsiblility.. and why should I pay for your pills so you and her could use the money and take the pills .. you broke your own front door and to say she ran past your boyfriend and he was too messed up to see her. I am not going to ever be taken advantage of with a dumb plan yall tried to pull on me. I never had Brain Cancer get your facts straight. and lets get this straight.. do you own what your parents own..I dont think so.. and your problem is that you hold others accountable for your problems. it didnt work then and it wont work now.. you lie she never said any of that.
Renae Harris February 10, 2013 at 07:13 PM
It is absurd that the post here are from past friends and doppers that were dopping with her. I have nothing to say to any of you but that I pray you get your own life clean. I have what we have bc we worked for it .. kids today need to grow up and get a job and take and accept responsibility for their own actions.
ltr February 11, 2013 at 01:27 AM
HA! teresa rae harris, you are not even close. your daughter did steal from our home. pills? ! ?. you must be as screwed up as your junkie daughter. No "pills" are to be had in our home. No She stoled electronics, and Yes she did admit she did it, And Yes a police report was filed. My family works hard for what we have - Renae, only to have people, like your daughter come steal it from us. We didnt, and Dont know her, we only know what she did to us when she came here. You are the one who told our family she was a druggie, and had been in rehab. Wow. I guess it would be a good time to go ahead and contact the detective who was working our case and let him know danielle is in custody and he will not have to go far to find her. She committed a Felony at our house.
Carring Christian February 11, 2013 at 02:00 AM
As a person that is biased. I have to say that personally attacking a family or name calling is un- called for. What's worse is that there are families that are hurting bad right now. Again, if you've never done wrong to someone throw the first stone.. a mean look, a lie, a evil thought... etc..this goes to show what we've all become and the lack of knowledge of another's life. As we all have skeletons in our closets, let's hope that were never faced with explaining them.. as I don't agree with any crimes or accusations... I do my homework and research to make sure if and when I do make a comment about a situation I know what I'm talking about versus sharing incorrect, emotional aspects of a situation.
Renae Harris February 11, 2013 at 04:38 AM
I do not do drugs -never have- never will. you hide who you are for a reason.. wonder what that is- what electronics are you accusing her of and quit sayig she agreed you filed report and Im sure I did to for harassment & extortion. I know one thing if she was at your home she only hung out with ppl who did drugs , sold drugs, shared drugs.. she doesnt have any friends. they are just druggies. It shows your intentions the first post.. remarking that we are well off & you needed repayment. extortion.. U are an adult. U associated w/ her &you are & do the same things as her or she wouldnt ever came around you. I dont sugar coat what shes done in past- neither does she... I never allow any of them to come to my house.. and since you know so much.. I didnt have cancer in the brain.. our livestock auction \barn has been closed going on 3 years and I have no use to argue with someone who even to this day complains someone has more money than you.. as if I owe you .. take your own responsibility and realize you showed your own true colors with your own words. call whomever you wish U evidently hv knwn where we live all this time.but i still wont give you money for your pills or maybe your the lady whos grandson did drugs w/ her & gave his phone for drugs.to someone else there.
Donna February 11, 2013 at 05:49 AM
This entire situation is "SICK". I feel there is a whole lot more to this than authorities have been make aware of, but guess who reads these comments to obtain more information. BINGO! Right, detectives! A few of you are as dumb as a box of rocks!
Jaime Wehunt February 11, 2013 at 04:29 PM
Renae, I don't know Danielle personally. I tried to reach out to her and offer her some sound advice when she called me crying about Bobby. I don't want to see anyone hurt and I tried to tell her to walk away. I just want you to know that I pray she gets the help that she deserves and needs, and that she can turn her life around. She's so young, and has her whole life ahead of her. I hope she gets help, and I hope she gets away from the bad influences that she's hanging out with. I can tell you from experience that Bobby is bad news. I tried to tell her, but I guess she loves him and thought he'd change. Maybe he will one day. One can hope so, because he has 2 beautiful baby boys that he doesn't see, call, or help with at all that miss their Daddy. The daddy he was before he got back on drugs.
ltr February 12, 2013 at 01:28 AM
You know, I really feel bad for the young mother above, who has been nothing but been bullied on this thread. she did nothing but state her past experience with the "male" in question. So there was no reason to start attacking her. And there was no reason to attack Me and my family, with absorded allegations from a mother who is indeed hurting. But that is the part that really makes me angry. "WE" have been victims of the "said" above. the "one" said above, we did not know this person, above, but let her come into our home. for food and fun. NOT DRUGs. We don't do that here. And for Her mother and her friends who trash people who are Only victims is wrong. Ms. Harris- you are very much Wrong, in who you think my family is. SO, stop with what you are saying. Our family did nothing but beg you to ask your daughter to return our calls, and for your daughter to return our property, SO WE WOULD NOT HAve to make a Police report. Why are you attacking the ones who tried to save her TWO years ago, this is crazy and Stupid. Our family tried to save her fate, and now you state this crazy stuff about our family? I Have No More Time for you. I hope Your daughter gets some serious help. And i Hope she stops leaving Victims in her path. I will get in touch with the detective on our case. This ONLy started because You and your friends starting attacking the Young mother above, who never stated "gossip, only things that She had / has gone through.
Jaime Wehunt February 12, 2013 at 03:25 AM
@ caring Christian. Let me tell you a little something. I am a recovering meth head. Been clean almost 7 years now, so don't tell me anything about having compassion for drug addicts. I am in recovery. That is why Bobby was told to leave, to protect myself and my kids from the life he was choosing. Also, I am 10 months away from graduating with my bachelors in Psychology to be an addiction counselor, and I put myself through college with no help from Bobby, my kids dad. So please, hold the holier than thou crap, and stop acting like you're the only person alive that knows what a drug addict is. I went through hell, and I rehabilitated my life and so I know it all. He chose this. He was clean just like me and chose to go back. That is all I have to say. I'm glad everyone can attack me for stating the truth. And my last name is the Same as my kids, NOT because I wanted to keep his. Trust me. It's easier when your name is the same as your kids.
HOPE4ALL65 February 12, 2013 at 08:09 AM
jamie Iknow them both they not long ago stopped over my place and I can say for the first time since I have known the two i didnt want them in my house I could see how far and how bad the drugs have taken over them and your right they need help and maybe now they'll get it. for the family of the victim I hope your son gets well soon our prayers are with him also know this the two were not always like that and it wasn't a product of the enviorment around them cause the families of both tried all for them it was there bad choices and the drugs that did it to them my prayers also go out to there family
michael jake wolfe February 12, 2013 at 10:48 AM
herschel with all do respect i know you took it off harriss comment. but can i ask you to take my name off of your post she may have to answer for slandering remarks of my full name that she just put out there idk if u know it or not but i replied to her remarks on here and i ask if she knew the definition of slander i told her went to bcso as soon as reading what she wrote to find that they are not looking for any reason. then i told her that i was speaking to my autturnie about and told her it was a felony within 15 mins all her post and the one i posted was gone. all i ask of you is to get that one with my name taken off im not asking much i dont think
Jaime Wehunt February 12, 2013 at 04:47 PM
3 weeks ago, they pulled into my driveway and when they saw us looking out the window, they sped out of here. I had to call the police because they kept driving by and my kids were scared. That is their dad, and he is so unpredictable and unstable that he scared them. Makes me wonder if they weren't here to rob my home and take from my kids and I. It's scary. But I no longer have to look over my shoulder and sleep with one eye open as long as he's where he is. I pray that he gets better so his kids don't have to grow up with no father. That is my hope.


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