Police Arrest Local Pair in Alleged Armed Robbery of Deliveryman

Danielle Nicole Lefevbre, 23, of Taylorsville, and Bobby Joe Wehunt, 29, of Cartersville, allegedly lured and injured the man, taking his car and wallet.

A local man and woman have been arrested in connection with the alleged armed robbery of a Cartersville .

Sheriff Clark Millsap said in a news release the victim was making a delivery on Jan. 30 for his employer, City Wings, in the area of Franklin Drive off Cassville Road in Cartersville. After he was flagged down by a woman, the alleged victim went to a vacant house, where he was injured.

Authorities say that while speaking with the woman, the deliveryman was struck in the neck and head multiple times with a hard object. His car, wallet, cash and other items were taken.

The owner of the allegedly stolen car spotted it Thursday on Burnt Hickory Road. As a result, Danielle Nicole Lefevbre, 23, of Taylorsville, and Bobby Joe Wehunt, 29, of Williams Drive in Cartersville, were arrested and each charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery.

Investigators say they later determined the duo was allegedly involved in the armed robbery. They now are awaiting bond hearings in Bartow County Superior Court.

The alleged victim is at home, but still recovering from his injuries.

More arrests and charges are possible as investigation continues, police say.

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ltr February 12, 2013 at 01:28 AM
You know, I really feel bad for the young mother above, who has been nothing but been bullied on this thread. she did nothing but state her past experience with the "male" in question. So there was no reason to start attacking her. And there was no reason to attack Me and my family, with absorded allegations from a mother who is indeed hurting. But that is the part that really makes me angry. "WE" have been victims of the "said" above. the "one" said above, we did not know this person, above, but let her come into our home. for food and fun. NOT DRUGs. We don't do that here. And for Her mother and her friends who trash people who are Only victims is wrong. Ms. Harris- you are very much Wrong, in who you think my family is. SO, stop with what you are saying. Our family did nothing but beg you to ask your daughter to return our calls, and for your daughter to return our property, SO WE WOULD NOT HAve to make a Police report. Why are you attacking the ones who tried to save her TWO years ago, this is crazy and Stupid. Our family tried to save her fate, and now you state this crazy stuff about our family? I Have No More Time for you. I hope Your daughter gets some serious help. And i Hope she stops leaving Victims in her path. I will get in touch with the detective on our case. This ONLy started because You and your friends starting attacking the Young mother above, who never stated "gossip, only things that She had / has gone through.
Jaime Wehunt February 12, 2013 at 03:25 AM
@ caring Christian. Let me tell you a little something. I am a recovering meth head. Been clean almost 7 years now, so don't tell me anything about having compassion for drug addicts. I am in recovery. That is why Bobby was told to leave, to protect myself and my kids from the life he was choosing. Also, I am 10 months away from graduating with my bachelors in Psychology to be an addiction counselor, and I put myself through college with no help from Bobby, my kids dad. So please, hold the holier than thou crap, and stop acting like you're the only person alive that knows what a drug addict is. I went through hell, and I rehabilitated my life and so I know it all. He chose this. He was clean just like me and chose to go back. That is all I have to say. I'm glad everyone can attack me for stating the truth. And my last name is the Same as my kids, NOT because I wanted to keep his. Trust me. It's easier when your name is the same as your kids.
HOPE4ALL65 February 12, 2013 at 08:09 AM
jamie Iknow them both they not long ago stopped over my place and I can say for the first time since I have known the two i didnt want them in my house I could see how far and how bad the drugs have taken over them and your right they need help and maybe now they'll get it. for the family of the victim I hope your son gets well soon our prayers are with him also know this the two were not always like that and it wasn't a product of the enviorment around them cause the families of both tried all for them it was there bad choices and the drugs that did it to them my prayers also go out to there family
michael jake wolfe February 12, 2013 at 10:48 AM
herschel with all do respect i know you took it off harriss comment. but can i ask you to take my name off of your post she may have to answer for slandering remarks of my full name that she just put out there idk if u know it or not but i replied to her remarks on here and i ask if she knew the definition of slander i told her went to bcso as soon as reading what she wrote to find that they are not looking for any reason. then i told her that i was speaking to my autturnie about and told her it was a felony within 15 mins all her post and the one i posted was gone. all i ask of you is to get that one with my name taken off im not asking much i dont think
Jaime Wehunt February 12, 2013 at 04:47 PM
3 weeks ago, they pulled into my driveway and when they saw us looking out the window, they sped out of here. I had to call the police because they kept driving by and my kids were scared. That is their dad, and he is so unpredictable and unstable that he scared them. Makes me wonder if they weren't here to rob my home and take from my kids and I. It's scary. But I no longer have to look over my shoulder and sleep with one eye open as long as he's where he is. I pray that he gets better so his kids don't have to grow up with no father. That is my hope.


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