Man Allegeldly Twice Tattooed Minor Girl

The 25-year-old local man is accused of "inking" the girl at a Cartersville apartment complex, police say.

A Cartersville man jailed this week on a misdemeanor charge of tattooing a minor is accused of twice "inking" an underage girl.

Cartersville Police Department Capt. Mark Camp said the minor allegedly received the tattoos from Tyler Anthony Waits, 25, at the Leake Street apartment complex listed as Waits' residence, Magnolia Apartments. 

It's unclear if Waits is a professional tattoo artist or affiliated with any local tattoo shops. Camp declined to provide the girl's age.

Back in January, an Acworth mom made headlines when she was arrested after her son got a tattoo. Chuntera Napier, 31, was charged with misdemeanor child cruelty after allegedly allowing her 10-year-old son to get "inked" in honor of his older brother who had died at age 12 after being hit by a car.

It is illegal in Georgia for anyone under 18 to be tattooed except for medical reasons. Piercings, however, can be performed on anyone under 18 with a parent's consent.

Should parents be allowed to consent to tattoos for their underage kids? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Mandy Nicole Hawkins October 21, 2012 at 03:23 PM
Tyler waits is a professional tattoo artist I know he worked at lucky draw before they went out of business!!! And in my opinion if a parent consents to their underage child having a tattoo there shouldn't be an issue well considering age definitely not someone 14 and younger but 15 and up I wouldn't see a problem I would rather consent to my child have it done professionally in a clean tattoo shop rather than have my child go behind my back and get a tattoo from someone off the street that could be using dirty equipment and needles etc and then my child catching some sort of disease!!
Fred Reed October 21, 2012 at 03:47 PM
I have had many tattoos from Tyler waits and i have many tattoos. Tyler has done the tattoo that covers my whole back and he did a really great job at doing it. Tyler and my wife have been friends for a long time. Neither her nor i have had any problems with our tattoos from Tyler. He is one of the clearest tattooartist I know. I had that this happened to him. But i know kids lie about their age all the time. If the law would make it a state law that u must have a id regardless of age things like this would not happen.
John Gulbonny October 22, 2012 at 12:32 PM
The guy does great work and is by far one of the most cleanest artist who works independently. It's unfortunate the situation, because the girl was a friend of a client who was of age and recommend Tyler to her and was even present when she was tattooed. I'm no lawyer, but shouldn't she be just as accountable if not an accomplice? Seriously, in this economy, you can't fault anyone with using their skills and talents to make a living and support a family, especially when you can make more money at home than working in a shop where the shop owners like Phillip Duke skim off the top and hold his artists hostage for their labor and percentage. But seeing how state, city and county regulations make it difficult to open a small business without having a boatload of cash, I can't fault him or anyone for working independently from his home.
kayla wheeler October 22, 2012 at 05:11 PM
Tyler is a great person and very talented its unfortunate that this has happened but he is the only tattoo artist that trust....anyone who has done bussiness with him can tell you the same thing...
Michelle Storey-Daniel January 10, 2013 at 12:19 AM
Tyler is one of the best tattoo artists I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. He is clean, he listens, and his skill is undeniable. I don't think he would knowingly tattoo a minor. He wouldn't tattoo my 18 year old niece because all she had was school ID and he felt that was too easy to counterfeit and that was with him knowing me and me vouching for her. Sounds like someone lied about their age or had a fake ID. I can tell you that Tyler is an amazing guy, he's a professional, he's patient, he's kind, and very meticulous. I hope this has been cleared up and all charges have been dropped against him.


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