'Hysterical' Woman Beaten, Raped

A Cartersville man was arrested in the bloodied woman's alleged kidnapping to a Rydal home.

A Florida woman found bloody and "extremely hysterical" said a Cartersville man took her to a Rydal home where he beat and raped her.

Tuesday were dispatched about 11 p.m. to Nottingham Way and Salicoa Road to reports of a woman screaming, according to the incident report. They found the woman with a bloody face and shirt screaming, waving her hands for help as she walked along Salicoa Road at the Gordon County line.

"Help me. He is going to kill me," she said, adding a man named "Steve" brutally beat and raped her at a nearby home.

The alleged victim was taken to for treatment and police went to the Montgomery Street home of Steve Irving Wallace, 55.

Wallace told police the woman was intoxicated, became hysterical and slapped him. The two went to the Rydal home to feed dogs, he said.

Police arrested Wallace on suspicion of kidnapping, sexual battery and aggravated battery.

Anonymous Name May 29, 2012 at 12:15 PM
Isn't it the criminal who is alleged, not the crime? I find it disrespectful to the victim to say that her experience is "alleged." And who in their right mind wouldn't be "hysterical?" I'm hysterical just reading this.


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