Cartersville Police Warn of Identity Theft Scam

Two instances of identity theft cases that Cartersville police believe is a scam that originates with the "Gangster Disciples" have occurred in the city.

Credit: Patch
Credit: Patch

A form of identity theft the Cartersville Police Department said has been occurring across the country has made an appearance in its jurisdiction.

The agency notes an identity theft scam that originates with the "Gangster Disciples" gang has occurred twice in the city of Cartersville. 

The scam, according to the agency, is as follows:

A person comes up to you and says that if you give them your ATM Card and PIN, they will go withdraw a certain amount of money. They tell you to report the loss of your information to the bank and police after the withdrawal. In exchange, they offer to give you a cut of the withdrawal and say that the bank will refund all of the withdrawal once you report it.

"The obvious issue is that you become party to the crimes of fraud, theft by receiving and conspiracy," the agency said. 

The Gangster Disciples is a Chicago-based organization known for its distribution of narcotics and engagement in white collar crimes, according to the Washington/Baltimore High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, a project backed by the Bureau of Justice Assistance that tracks gang activity.  

If you are approached by anyone ask you to engage to a scam like the one described above, Cartersville police ask that you obtain a good description of the suspect and, if possible, a tag number of their vehicle and immediately call 911. 

“Identity theft is a serious reality in our world today," said Police Chief Thomas Culpepper. "Unless you personally make a purchase or payment with a debit or credit card, do not give your information to anyone else.”


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