Alleged Hammer Blows to Head Send Men to Hospital, Jail; Woman Thinks She Was Knocked Out, Robbed

A couple of Bartow County sheriff's reports caught our eye, but chronicle alleged crimes and the people involved are assumed innocent until their cases are settled in the courts.

A couple of police reports chronicling alleged criminal incidents in Cartersville and Bartow County in the last day or so caught our eyes at Cartersville Patch. Here are the stories:

Alleged Hammer Blows to Back of Head Send Men to Hospital, Jail

A Cartersville man reportedly intoxicated and angry is accused of hitting another local man in the back of the head with a hammer, inflicting injuries that sent the alleged victim to the hospital for treatment.

Daryl Edward Goss, 49, of Sugar Valley Road, who was arrested in connection with the Thursday incident at his Cartersville home about 4:30 p.m., faces aggravated assault, aggravated battery and obstruction of an officer charges, according to the Bartow County Sheriff's Office incident report, attached.

Goss started an argument with the alleged victim, a 33-year-old Rydal man, about money Goss had earned but not yet received, according to the report. After the men argued for a short time, Goss allegedly grabbed a hammer and swung it at the alleged victim before breaking a light fixture with it.

The victim, who would later drive himself to the hospital, told police he grabbed a shovel to defend himself, but stuck it in the ground and decided to leave instead.

As he turned around, Goss lunged and allegedly hit the victim with the hammer twice in the back of the head and once on the shoulder, police say. Injured, the victim "staggered" back to his truck and left to go to the hospital, where he had his brother call police.

After talking to two witnesses, whose stories were similar to that of the victim, police caught up with Goss, who was lying in bed in a dark room and appeared to be asleep. Goss allegedly refused to get up and comply with deputies' requests that he show his hands. They say instead Goss swiftly sat up in the bed, keeping his hands concealed. 

As a result, a deputy Tased Goss in the chest, which subdued him. Authorities say they found a knife in his possession.

Police didn't find the hammer Goss allegedly used.

Woman Thinks She Was Knocked Out, Robbed by Gal Pals

A Cartersville woman Thursday afternoon woke up next to a tree on Cassville Road with a bumb on her head and little recollection of what happened to her or her purse.

The 48-year-old said she believes she was robbed by two women with whom she left to cook chicken the night before, according to the BCSO incident report, attached.

When the trio was in the car, the two said, "What happens in the car stays in the car," the victim told deputies. The last thing the victim remembers, she said, was a man named "Billy" called the other two women.

The victim, who would later call authorities to say she had decided to go to the hospital "to get checked out" after first declining medical attention, said she "feels that she was struck in the head and robbed," the report says.

She reported a total of $41 in valuables missing.

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