The Benefits of Having A Pet?

Owning a pet can make your life a better experience.

Many people believe pets are just bothersome creatures that live in our houses and have to be fed, bathed and pampered all the time. In reality, having a pet can make your life a better experience. Studies show that people who own pets for most of their lives have longer, happier and healthier lives. Indeed, having a pet can be very beneficial to you in ways that you may not know or think of.

Have you ever wondered why your pet-owning friend is often very happy and energetic? Many times it could be for specific reasons, but often times it is because they have a pet that fills that empty gap of loneliness and gives them somebody to talk and vent their feelings to without the usual interruptions and sarcasm they would get by talking to another person. Pets are like a best friend to most people who actually take the time to spend with their furry companions.

Pet owner Belinda G. said, “My pets help to calm me when I am very upset and they are always there for me.”

If you ever wondered where the term “man’s best friend” came from, it’s mainly because of the way dogs, in particular, affect the personality and emotions of the people around them the most.

Animals are great gifts for elderly people as well, because some of them may be living alone and may need assistance on a regular basis and having a pet helps them in so many different ways.

Pets also have a mind-blowing effect on children. When children are raised around a pet, it gives them someone to play with, and can also calm a rowdy kid down.

Owning a pet can have many positive effects on you mentally and physically. Just simply petting an animal can lower your blood pressure. Getting out and running with your pet, or just merely taking a stroll with them, can help them and you both stay fit and stress free.

The daily maintenance of pets can keep you up on your feet and motivated to love and care for them. Another health benefit of animals is that someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis, or someone who is recuperating from a stroke, can get their daily therapy while simply stroking the animal’s back.

Whether it be a dog, cat, bird, horse, guinea pig or any other animal, pets can all be very therapeutically helpful.

Another pet owner adds to the conversation by sharing her views on owning a pet.

“It can keep me busy cleaning up after her [Chloe the beagle] sometimes when I don't want to, but over all we really do enjoy her because she follows us around and makes us smile a lot," she said. "She shows us she cares by the way she acts. She adores our attention and loves to be petted.”

Pets can provide one of the most important benefits that many people don’t even take into consideration on a regular basis: security.

“My dog is my best friend in the entire world and I feel that he has always got my back no matter the situation. Although he can’t do much physically, I always feel secure when he’s with me. I love him and he’s definitely irreplaceable,” said senior Logan Thomas.

A dog may seem pesky and clingy, but when you aren’t paying attention and someone pulls up into your yard or walks into your house, doesn’t your dog alert you right away? Dogs in particular are better than alarm systems, especially at informing humans when there is an intruder or a circumstance which is out of the ordinary. All dogs have ways of showing affection, and alerting you when someone shows up is one way they express it.

One of the last things that would come to most people’s minds when they are thinking of the values of having pets is that they are great “date makers.” Though you may not think so, animals can get you a date on many occasions.

A boy and a girl can be in a room with a pet, and certain quirky things that the animal does can start a conversation between the two people. Once the conversation is started, they tend to find things that are common between the two of them and may even find themselves dating within a short period of time.

Also, you may take your pet for a walk and attention is often directed to your pet as people adore its beauty or manners.

These are great strategies to use if you are trying to attract someone’s attention toward you. It doesn’t happen on all occasions, but who knows what the power and love of animals can do to humans?

Animals have many perks and that make them all the more fun to have. Whether the animal is there to keep you company, be your security, help you therapeutically or frankly just to make you happy: they are all beneficial in some way.

Take into consideration what your pet does for you and show them you do appreciate their company.

If you do not currently own a pet, check with the or local pet stores. They are sure to have an animal for you.

Keep in mind that if you treat your pet properly, and show them love and appreciation, they will show you the same behavior.

Morgan White December 11, 2011 at 07:55 PM
I believe pets are a great thing to have because as you said in your article, they do a lot of things. After a hard day at school, I feel better when I come home and see the wagging tails of my dogs. Or when i don't want to go to the barn on a rainy cold day and my horse comes walking up to me wanting me to scratch her. It makes it worth while coming to take care of her because she appreciates me. I don't think that I couldn't live without a pet being by my side.
Bill Thrasher December 11, 2011 at 09:53 PM
I wouldn't be without pets.


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