Charging me to pay my bills!!!

I am so disgusted with all of these fees that are now being charged by all utility companies and other businesses when we pay our bills!! Georgia Power has another company called BillMatrix doing their credit card transactions for them at a cost of $3.60 if you pay by credit card, now the Bartow County Water Dept. is now charging me to pay my bill. This should be illegal!! They first ask us to "Go Green" and opt out of using paper to save  them stamps, envelopes, and printing costs so they can pass the savings onto us, now they are saving and we are being charged a fee ! Unbelievable !!
Shelly February 09, 2014 at 11:22 AM
Personally I think that some, (most likely the majority), of these businesses are headed up by such egotistical jerks that they think that most of the public is just not intelligent enough to catch on to their added BS fees. Which many times are NOT clearly identified as extras due to using their in house E-billing/payment system. I so agree with you that it, "should NOT" be LEGAL for any business to be allowed to charge extra service fees so their customers can pay a bill in an Eco-friendly way! Especially for mortgage payments, utilities, and/or any other life sustaining/essential service. Furthermore, (it is sad but oh so true), most utility companies have a monopoly on their service areas so it isn't like you can change vendors at will. SHAME on ALL of them for perpetrating this kind of SHAM on their customers! As for me I use my bank's bill pay service and have yet to pay one cent extra for rip off expenses, AKA additional service/convenience fees, to any of my creditors by issuing an electronic payment directly from my bank.
Michael February 11, 2014 at 06:09 PM
I agree. I pay all my bills online, internet, telephone, Home Depot, Lowe's, Both home and automobile insurance and the City of Cartersville is the only one to charge a fee for their convenience. It makes no sense as their cost would certainly be higher if everyone went to city hall to pay their bill or mailed in a check. Gouging in its best form.


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