Tough Times Beg 'Tough Questions'

Questions often asked in the face of a tragedy are laced with ulterior motives. Let's example a couple common questions regarding the Newtown, CT school shooting tragedy.

Undoubtedly, most every person across America is familiar with the school shooting incident that occurred almost a week ago in Newtown, Connecticut. I'm certain that no one would argue that the wake of this incident and other recent, similar incidents across the country have created tough times. Those closely involved are in a state of shock and mourning; those of us watching from a distance are attempting to sympathize beyond our ability to image the level of pain being experienced. So clearly, we are facing tough times. It is a natural tendency to begin asking ourselves and publicly questions that offer any type of explanation. It is natural and legitimate to want to know why.  But then there are a few other "tough questions" that inevitably get voiced in small group conversations as well as public venues that seldom seem sincere in seeking answers related to why such a tragedy would happen. I'd like to share with you my thoughts on a couple of those questions that are asked for what I believe to be ulterior motives.

"Where was God during this school shooting?"

This questions is asked with an implication that God should have been in that school in Newtown, CT for the purpose of protecting those innocent children from such evil.  Well, this question demands to be answered by another question. I know, I don't like questions that are answered with another question any more than you do, but if any question needed to be answered with another question this one does. The answer is "how can we expect God to be in any school to protect our children when we've done everything we can to kick Him out of our schools for years?" We've removed God from our schools with our adherence to a false constitutional narrative described as the separation of church and state. And now, suddenly we want God in the school when tragedy strikes? It is a very grievous act for us to remove God from our lives when all is going well, but demand that He be at our beckon call when the evil of this world gets us down. 

Here's a thought. If you truly want to know where God was on the morning of the Newtown, CT school shooting; why don't you just ask Him? Why don't you just dust off your Bible, humble yourself to your knees, bow your head and ask God? I'm certain He will answer your question if you earnestly ask Him.  But, be forewarned, you may not like His answer.  I'm sure I'm not the only person to whom God has answered; "why do you care now, you've never cared before".

"How could God allow such a tragedy?"

This question, much like the first, is asked with the implication that God should protect us all from the evil of this world. Wouldn't you know it, this question is also best answered with another question. Much like our schools, we've ushered God out of our lives. We've ignored God's pleas to turn back to His immutable principles of sin, repentance, and forgiveness. We've put down our Bibles and picked up the baton of selfishness in a race called choice. We've ignored the principles of God's justice and judgment that are well defined and described in the Bible and throughout history. Don't we see example after example in the Bible of God's judgment upon those that reject Him? Don't we see example after example in world history of cultures and societies that crumbled internally as a result of declining morals? So to get to the point and state the question that answers this question: "why are we so shocked when we are faced with paying the wages for our sins?"

One final thought, I'm fairly certain this "wages for our sins" talk will cause consternation and a general gnashing of teeth. For the sake of time here, I'll reserve additional thoughts on God's judgment for the comments posed to this post or a future post on the subject.


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