Bartow Voters Green Light Sunday Sales By The Drink

Adairsville residents have elected Kenneth Carson as its new mayor and Derek Keeney appears to have won the District 3 Bartow County School Board race.

Credit: Patch file
Credit: Patch file
Unofficial results indicate Bartow County residents have approved a ballot measure to allow Sunday liquor sales by the drink.

With 16 out of 17 precincts reporting, residents appeared to have approved the two-part ballot measure. 

The first question, which would allow for the sale of distilled spirits or alcoholic beverages by the drink at local establishments, was approved 58 percent, or 4,554 votes. Forty-two percent, or 3,259 voters, cast ballots against the question.

The second question, which asked if the county should issue licenses to establishments so they can sell distilled spirits by the drink, was approved at 62 percent, or 4,872 over 38 percent, or 2,936 votes.

Adairsville residents elected Kenneth Carson as its next mayor. Carson received 54 percent, or 256 votes. He's followed by Adena Harper at 34 percent, or 121 votes and Ronnie Everett at 12 percent, or 59 votes. Adairsville has 1,901 registered voters, and only 479 cast ballots.

Carson will serve out the unexpired term of former mayor Evan King, who resigned from office earlier this year.

On the Bartow County School Board, District 3 Republican voters have elected Derek Keeney as its next representative. Kenney defeated Deanna Berry with 52 percent, or 566 votes, over Berry's 48 percent, or 525 votes. 

Bartow County has 48,319 registered voters, and 8,020 — 16 percent — turned out to cast ballots. 
Angela May 21, 2014 at 08:28 AM
It is disturbing that out of 48,000 rigistered voters only about 8,000 showed up. Shame on you Georgians! I pray when the Presidential election and the Congressional electios come up that you will CARE eough to get out and vote. You need to show your suppoert for our government that is in trouble. We need a Constitutional COnseervative President and Conservatives to take both hoses back. Maybe we can undo what the Democrats have almost destroyed.
Becky Hadley May 21, 2014 at 12:13 PM
Angela Everyone knows the larger the turnout the more it goes democrat. I too am ashamed to the Georgians...
Angela May 21, 2014 at 08:29 AM
Sorry, I misspelled some words.


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