Fundraisers Set for Baby Who Stopped Breathing, Now Hospitalized

Marcus Joel Pickel, or "Chopper," who is less than a month old is facing the effects of severe brain damage.

Cartersville's Chick-fil-A is donating a portion of its proceeds today to the local family of a baby, born this month, who stopped breathing when he was only four days old.

And now Marcus Joel Pickel, along with his parents, Kyle and Shannon, and sister, Abby, faces an uncertain future, according to the Prayers for Baby Marcus Pickel Facebook page.

Baby Mark, who would later get the nickname "Chopper," was born May 7 by C-section—at 9 pounds and 11 ounces and 20.5 inches long—and came home May 9.

"On the morning of May 11th, baby Mark was rushed to the emergency room in Cartersville because he stopped breathing," according to Prayers for Baby Marcus Pickel. "The doctors and nurses worked very hard with him, but they needed the expertise of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Baby Mark was life-flighted to Egleston in Atlanta."

Marcus since has suffered seizures and has been in a medically-induced coma. And MRI results the family got Sunday were "not good news at all," according to the Facebook page.

"IF he makes it out of the hospital he will be dependent on a respirator for breathing, feeding tubes for nutrition, he won't be able to walk, talk or even have a personality. The brain injury (affected) that part of the brain and it is very severe damage," wrote mom Shannon in a Facebook update. "He will be basically a bed-ridden vegetable for lack of better words. We are still hanging on to our prayers for little miracles from GOD. We have to. Y'all please continue to pray for Chopper and our families and us."

Chick-fil-A will donate a portion of its proceeds from patrons who mention they are dining in support of Baby Marcus Pickel, either inside or in the drive-thru.

"Food, lodging, gas and medical bills, and missing work can take a toll on any family, so we want to thank you in advance for helping this precious family and little Mark," fundraiser organizers said on Patch.

In addition to eating a Chick-fil-A today, the family is accepting donations online and at the two Renasant Bank branches in Cartersville.

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