Cartersville Speaks Out: Plan B Pill

Patch users respond to FDA's lowering of the emergency contraceptive age requirement.

Yesterday we asked you what you thought of the FDA's lowering of the Plan B pill age requirement to 15, and you let us know!

Here's what some Patch users from Cartersville shared with us:

On Cartersville Patch:

Wow. All you commenters saying "tell your daughters not to have" sex, don't have anything to worry about. If you've taught your kids as well as you are telling people to teach theirs, you won't ever have to worry about your perfect kids going to buy Plan B. maybe some parents aren't as perfect as you and may have kids who aren't perfect. This should be available to them OTC, as time is of the essence in taking this medication. So no debate - perfect parents and their perfect kids won't ever have to worry about this even being a choice. Cause we all know that if you tell a teenager something, they would NEVER do what they want anyway. :) (insert sarcasm). – Beachbum

On Cartersville Patch's Facebook page:

It's a good thing. – Chuck

A step in the right direction. - Nick

I agree with it. – Ashleigh

Check out what other Patch users had to say.


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