Restaurant Review: Best China Chinese Cuisine

Fresh ingredients make this Chinese restaurant a great pick.

Best China Chinese Restaurant has long been my go-to pick for Chinese delivery in Cartersville. I recently decided to pay it a visit to see what a dine-in experience at their establishment would be like. While it wasn’t anything fancy, it was exactly what I wanted it to be. Let me explain….

When you order take out off an arbitrary menu that was left in your mailbox, you’re taking a gamble. For all you know, the restaurant is teaming with cockroaches and somebody’s flicking cigarette ash into your stir fry. Obviously, health codes would prevent these things, but you get the idea. Thankfully, I am here to report that Best China is a clean, family-owned restaurant that serves high-quality Chinese food that is even better on site than it is through delivery.

Best China is located at 12 Euharlee Road next to . It is modestly tucked away and easy to drive by without noticing, which is why I never thought to go there before. Since it is tucked away and does most of its business through delivery, I was surprised to see so many people eating in house when I got there in the mid afternoon on a Monday. This was a good sign from the start. Also a good sign was the friendly greeting my husband and I received from the owner, a woman who was running the restaurant and caring for her toddler all at the same time. The back of the restaurant contains toys and a sleeping area for her little boy, which told me that her family is devoted to the success of their restaurant.

The décor is simple but authentic to the cuisine. It is a brightly lit and energetic spot, unlike many Chinese restaurants that have a more moody and mellow vibe. We started our meal with a pot of tea ($1.25) and an order of Crab Rangoons (six for $3.75). We also were served complimentary chips and dipping sauce, which is something you only get in house because I’ve never received them with a delivery order. Bonus!

Crab Rangoons are a cream cheese and crab mixture stuffed into wontons that are then shaped into little flowers and fried. They are crispy on the outside and have savory and creamy middle. They were served to us piping hot and we devoured them before they even had a chance to cool down, so it’s safe to say we liked them.

For my main dish I ordered the Bean Curd with Hot and Spicy Sauce ($6.95) and my husband ordered the Teriyaki Chicken ($7.95). Normally, the bean curd (also known as tofu) in my dish is fried but I asked for it to be steamed instead and they were happy to oblige. Though it is not mentioned on the menu, my dish also comes with a ton of fresh vegetables, which makes it a filling and nutritionally balanced meal, especially when you factor in the rice that comes with every entrée. Speaking of rice, they will automatically serve you fried rice with your meal but you can request plain, white rice at no charge, which is what I ordered.  

The Bean Curd with Hot and Spicy Sauce was excellent! The ingredients were clearly fresh and not over-sauced or overcooked. Though it was spicy, rich and satisfying, it didn’t feel heavy, and I never got that uncomfortable feeling I sometimes get when I eat a lot of Chinese food.

My husband was more than pleased with the Teriyaki Chicken. When we’ve ordered it in the past for delivery it has come all mixed up in a plastic container, but when you get it in house they served it artfully on a plate with a circle of broccoli around plump chunks of glossy chicken. They didn’t have to take the time to worry about the presentation, but it definitely contributed to my husband’s culinary experience. We always appreciate it when a chef takes pride in his or her creation!

If you are craving Chinese food and want to get out of the house to eat it for a change, I urge you to try Best China. If you’d rather stay in, try it for delivery! The number is 770-386-7008.

It's open Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and Sunday from 4 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and delivers all day. Don’t forget to check the menu for coupons!

Bill Thrasher September 24, 2011 at 12:01 PM
and it's always a good thing that the kitchens at the Chinese restaurant are so well sound-proofed. You can't hear the meows that way. (just kidding of course)


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