Restaurant Review: Angelo's New York Style Pizza and Bistro

Choose Angelo's for excellent pizza and a full Italian menu.

Like a on Cartersville Patch points out, brings back memories of New York City, where I lived for awhile after college. The pizza is authentically New York style—large, wide, thin and foldable—with a bready, crispy crust. And while the pizza is, as the review also states, “Fuhgeddaboudit” good, the rest of the menu is just as impressive.

Angelo’s is located in West End Commons on Henderson Drive. The inside is decorated like a traditional Italian bistro with black-and-white tablecloths and red-and-green walls as a nod to Italy. There are tables as well as large, padded booths with room to spread out and be comfortable. I went for lunch on a Sunday with my husband and the restaurant was sprinkled with a few other families. We seated ourselves at a booth and were greeted promptly by our server.

The menu is extensive, running the Italian gamut from Pizza and Stromboli to Lobster Ravioli and Veal Saltimbocca. It’s the perfect menu for a large crowd because there is sure to be something for everyone, and even the most expensive dishes are reasonably priced. For example, the Zuppa de Pesce is the most expensive item on the menu and it’s only $15.95. For those wondering what Zuppa de Pesce is, it's shrimp, scallops, mussels and clams in a red wine marinara or white wine cream sauce.

Wanting to try a range of items from the menu, we ordered Buffalo wings for an appetizer, a slice of Pepperoni Pizza, a slice of Philly Pizza and Chicken Cacciatori. Our meal also came with a house salad and garlic rolls.

The garlic rolls arrived with our drinks and they were mouth-watering good. They arrive in a cluster that you have to break apart. Each roll is liberally coated in garlic, butter and Parmesan cheese. They were warm and doughy with spots of crispiness. If you like buttery garlic rolls (who doesn’t?!), then you need to put Angelo’s on your radar.

The house salad was a light and refreshing break between the rolls and the heavier items that were on the way. It was a nice size for a starter salad and all the vegetables were fresh and crisp.

The wings arrived next and they were great too! They were hot, plump and perfectly cooked. They came with a generous amount of blue cheese on the side, which is rare because usually you only get a little ramekin full.

The pizzas and Chicken Cacciatori arrived shortly after we finished the wings, so the pacing of the dishes was right on. Let’s talk about the pizza first, because it deserves prime billing. I feel comfortable saying that Angelo’s makes the best pizza I’ve eaten in Cartersville so far. It has the ideal balance of dough, cheese, sauce and meat. Of the two, the traditional Pepperoni was our favorite, but the Philly was excellent too.

The Chicken Cacciatori was presented as three thin breasts of chicken smothered in onions, peppers, mushrooms and tomatoes in a red wine marinara sauce. The chicken was extremely tender and the sauce had a nice depth, going beyond “just” a marinara sauce. The dish is served with a side of pasta, which appealed to the carb lover in me, quenching my need for pasta.

I have no reservations recommending Angelo’s New York Style Pizza and Bistro! It's open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m. It offers catering, takeout and delivery, so you can get your fix at home or at the office too!

The restaurant also has outdoor seating that would be fun to experience when it is cooler outside. I didn’t have room for dessert but the cake display was incredible (check out the photo gallery). Enjoy this great spot in Cartersville!


Terry Forbes June 02, 2012 at 12:12 PM
I ordered a Chicken Parmesan hot sub and the chicken was cold and almost raw. The server took it back and when it was brought back the bun was toast and the chicken was the same cold and still almost raw. The server returned it to the kitchen and took it off my bill. What is surprising is that the cook or chef in the kitchen did not come out to see what was wrong, neither did the owner who was in the kitchen at the time. In fact he watched us leave and never said a thing, he is not real friendly anyway unless you are family. Our server, Neil, was super as always and is the best in the city. We love their pizza but will not go back because of that chicken thing and the non caring unfriendly owner!
Pat April 26, 2013 at 03:31 PM
This restaurant is going down hill fast. Used to be pretty good and the food sometimes still is, but the service is horrific. This location must be cursed because every pizza joint that moves in here starts out well but gets worse and eventually goes out of business.


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