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Tellus Showcases Triceratops Skull

The skull from a Triceratops skeleton went on display on April 8.

Credit: Tellus Science Museum
Credit: Tellus Science Museum

A new exhibit featuring a replica of a dinosaur skull is now on display at the Tellus Science Museum. The skull from a Triceratops skeleton went on display on April 8, the museum said in a press release. 

The replica skull on exhibit at Tellus is 7 feet long, 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. The longest horn is 3 feet long. The cast of the original fossil is high-fidelity and preserves great detail.

The skeleton of the Triceratops was discovered in Late Cretaceous sediments deposited 70 to 65 million years ago on a ranch in northeastern Wyoming. 

The bones were then excavated in 2002 by a team from the Black Hills Institute for Geological Research. 

The most fascinating fact about the Triceratops, fondly named Lane after one of the rancher’s grandchildren, is that it was found with fossilized skin at the dig site.

“This is the first discovery of fossil Triceratops skin, making this particular fossil scientifically important,” said Tellus Curator Julian Gray.

The name Triceratops means “three-horned face," the museum said. Studies show Triceratops may have reached 30 feet in length and may have weighed up to 12 tons. They were known herbivores and were the largest dinosaurs with horns and a large frill at the rear of the skull. 

The museum said it hopes to also have a cast of the rare fossilized skin to use as a touch piece in the museum’s Fossil Gallery, alongside the skull.


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