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Random Acts of Kindness in Cartersville

Use the hashtag #PatchRandomActs on Facebook or Twitter to spread the word about a selfless act you witnessed or experienced in your town.

Have you noticed your friends or neighbors making a difference in Cartersville? We want to know about it!

Whether it's taking a stray dog to a shelter, taking out trash for a sick neighbor or helping out in a community center or garden, every random act of kindness is appreciated by the community.

We want to see how many random acts we can inspire across the United States in the 905 communities Patch covers. If you know of someone who has done a good deed in Cartersville, tell their story in the comments section below. Also, be sure to spread the word on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #PatchRandomActs.

To keep the momentum going and pay it forward yourself, here are seven easy ways you can help others in the Cartersville and Bartow County communities:

  1. Smile at 10 strangers or hold the door open for several people at work or out in the community.
  2. Buy something for the person in the line behind you. Try this at a fast food restaurant—such as McDonald's or Krystal—in the drive-thru by telling the cashier you'd like to pay for the food for the car behind you. When the occupants get to window, they'll be surprised to find the food they ordered is free.
  3. Reach out to someone you haven't talked to in a while or thank local police officers or firefighters with a call, card or visit.
  4. Bring treats to public servants, a neighbor or your own co-workers. Locally-owned Agan's Bakery, Heaven Scent Cakes and Heaven Scent Cupcakes have some of the best in town.
  5. Donate your time or money to a local charity, such as Advocates for Bartow's Children, Etowah Valley Humane Society, Good Neighbor Homeless Shelter, The Salvation Army and numerous other local charitable and civic organizations.
  6. Cook a healthy meal with fresh ingredients from Publix, Kroger or Ingles.
  7. Let someone go in front of you in line at the grocery or convenience store.

Share your random acts of kindness by clicking "Upload Photos and Videos" and don’t miss any of the local news you care about—subscribe to Cartersville Patch's newsletter, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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