Are You A "Sunday Parent"?

Honestly ask yourself these questions to help determine if You have become a "Sunday Parent":

1)  After work you...
     A) Do the minimum necessary (watch tv, cook, bedtime routine)
     B) Go out to eat to avoid the effort of cooking, then turn on the tv
     C) Begin the second part of your day with renewed energy
     D) Hook the kids up to electronics as you hit the buttons on the microwave

2)  Your role in your kids Homework each night...
     A) They stay nearby as you interact in their studies
     B) You review and sign the agenda each night
     C) You Yell at them from another room, with threats it better be done
     D) You are too tired or distracted to deal with it

3)  Your kids after school activities....
     A)  You are an active participant, encouraging on the field or sidelines
     B)  You are clueless to what just happened & have to ask 
     C)  What activity? Who has time?
     D)  Teenagers, you are only allowed to be involved in 'at home practicing'   
4)  Your idea of exercise....
     A)  You chase, ride bikes and/or shoot hoops in the evenings 
     B)  You go to the gym on a regular basis
     C)  You walk to the mailbox  
5)  After work, the kids see you....
     A)  Falling asleep on the couch, struggling to finish the routines
     B)  They avoid you bc you are always in a bad mood, who knows what               will set you off
     C) Grumbling about the day and telling them to go away
     D)  Happy to see them and where should we go today?

 I am not going to put a number on these answers to calculate, it's not about "Good Parent" and "Bad Parent".  It's about All of Us as parents, looking at ourselves and realizing that this is Our Life, Our Choices, Our Family!  

If you find that the only time you are living up to your own ideas of a Good Parent, of who you want to be, is on Sunday...
If you are trying to squeeze a Full week of life and interaction into that one day, Sunday...Then you may be a Sunday Parent.  However, that one day is better than No day at all.

But, what if you could be the parent with the assessment you wanted to be able to answer about yourself?  What if your time at home was full of energy?  You slept well at night and didn't doze off on the couch?  Your mood was overall happier?  You wanted to put the kids in activities, not just for them and bc you feel obligated, but bc you wanted something to do after work and Felt like it?  What if you felt more natural happiness and less aggression and aggravation (which we all vent on our family)?  What if your mind was clear and sharp, and it takes trigonometry to stump you instead of a word problem for a fourth grader? (Admit it, they lost you the second sentence in.  For you with the teen in calculus, do all of us a favor and just smile.  They have already figured out we don't know everything, don't make it worse for us that we don't have that answer either!)  

If you used to be that parent you want to be again.  If you have never been the parent you imagined you could be bc of energy and mood and stress, let me know.   

I began an all natural supplement to replenish my body with what I had lost.  It's for anyone over 35, which begrudgingly I admit to be.  I went from playing Clue or Monopoly Jr on the couch, to loading up the bikes and going to the park three evenings a week.  Why?  Because I wanted to be a better me.  Because after a couple of weeks of revitalizing what I had when I was younger, I felt younger.  I felt happier and wanted to go Live Life!  Find something to do!  I wasn't tired, mentally or physically.  I am happier.

Check us out at www.program27.com.   Free consultations, payment plans for the program you choose.  You may call us at (678) 732-3100.   


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